The South East Open Cribbage League

Fixtures/Results List for 2019

Tuesday, 7th May, 2019

Division One
Division Two

 Crayford R.B.L  v   Rose (Bexleyheath) 'A'  (Postponed)

  Foresters  8  v   Malt Shovel 'A'  7  (Malt Shovel)

    Rose (Bexleyheath) 'B'   v   Falconwood Club (Postponed)

Malt Shovel  'B'   7  v   Plough  8  (Malt Shovel 'B')

Crayford Social Club  9  v   Royal Oak  6  (Crayford Social)

 Welsh Tavern   7 v   Lads of the Village  8  (Lads of the Village)

 Duchess of Kent   8  v   North Heath Soc. Club  7  (North Heath S.C.)

Red Lion  (Bye)

Tuesday, 14th May, 2019

Division One
Division Two

 Rose (Bexleyheath) 'A'   5  v   Duchess of Kent   10  (Duchess of Kent)

Malt Shovel  'A'   6  v   Red Lion  9  (Red Lion)

 Falconwood Club  8  v  Crayford Social Club  7  (Crayford Social)

   Plough  7  v   Welsh Tavern  8  (Plough)

    Royal Oak  v   Rose (Bexleyheath) 'B'  (28.5.19)

    Lads of the Village   v   Malt Shovel  'B'  (Postponed)

    North Heath Soc. Club   6  v   Crayford R.B.L.  9  (N.H.S.C.)

   Foresters  (Bye)

Tuesday, 21st May, 2019

Division One
Division Two

 Rose (Bexleyheath) 'B'  10  v    Duchess of Kent  5  (Rose 'B')

  Malt Shovel  'B'   7  v   Red Lion  8  (Red Lion)

      Falconwood Club  6  v   Rose (Bexleyheath) 'A'  9  (Falconwood)

  Plough   12  v  Malt Shovel 'A'  3  (Plough)

Crayford Social Club   9 v   Crayford R.B.L  6  (Crayford Social)

 Welsh Tavern   4  v   Foresters  11  (Foresters)

North Heath Soc. Club  v  Royal Oak  (25.6.19)

Lads of the Village   (Bye)

Tuesday, 4th June, 2019

Division One
Division Two

Crayford R.B.L.  v    Falconwood Club

Foresters  v   Plough 

 Rose (Bexleyheath) 'B'   v   North Heath Soc. Club

     Welsh Tavern  v  Malt Shovel  'A'

   Crayford Social Club    v    Rose (Bexleyheath) 'A' 

    Red Lion  v  Lads of the Village

    Duchess of Kent   v    Royal Oak

   Malt Shovel  'B'   (Bye)



Tuesday, 1st October, 2019 - Pairs Knockouts 

 Tuesday, 8th October, 2019 - Singles Knockouts

Tuesday, 29th October, 2019 -  Ron Boorman Crib Drive at The Malt Shovel


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